Kate Chareil is a French jeweler who decided to create her brand of spiritual jewelry in the heart of Paris.


I discovered the world of jewellery quite by coincidence during an English internship with a well-known jeweller in Wales.

I fell in love with this ancestral art, so I decided to arouse my curiosity once again and I walked through the doors of an old workshop in the Marais district of Paris, where I could admire the artistic skills of the jewellers!  

As a traveler wanderlust, I decided at 21 years old to study jewelry in Montreal, Canada. Since then, I have never left the jewellery world, which never ceases to fascinate me!

"Jewelry has always accompanied me as a spiritual guide that has helped me feel free and discover myself. This ancestral art reconnected me with myself and the world around me.
My journey has been atypical, arduous and full of surprises, every day I needed to feel confident and protected, so I looked for protective jewelry that pays homage to my spiritual strength!

Eventually, I created my own brand of spiritual jewelry that represents my story and yours. "

 Each piece of jewelry is a relic created to protect and help womankind to repossesse their own self belief !