CHARME NECKLACE AND Botswana Pink Agates



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The Charme necklace, which means charm, is a symbol of grace and longevity!

The Charme necklace is embellished with a magnificent 18-carat vermeil granulated drop and natural Botswana Pink Agates.

The granulated drop is a gentle symbol of fertility and pays tribute to Mother Earth with grace.

Botswana Agates are associated with strength and longevity. With its divinely soft and soothing colours, Pink Agates will be your protective cocoon.

Charme will bring you divine protection and an aura of love that will charmingly soothe your conscience!

Natural Botswana Pink Agate Beads: Colors may vary.


Vermeil: A thick layer of (5 microns) 18K solid gold on sterling silver. This is not regular gold plating !

Handcrafted in Paris.

Chain: 45 cm to 50 cm

Symbol: 2 x 1.5 cm

All our jewelry is made to order, All our jewels are made to order, please allow 15 to 20 business days to make your jewelry.

Available in 18k gold, please contact us. 

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